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Ways to Ensure the Quality of Your Cannabis Products

Cannabis dispensaries have a great responsibility to their customers. Not only do they need to ensure that their products are potent and free of contaminants, but they also need to be sure that the cannabis is safe for consumption.

One way that dispensaries can ensure the quality of their products is by cannabis lab testing. This type of testing can provide compound potency tests, as well as check for the presence of harmful contaminants.

What Do Testing Labs Measure in Cannabis Products?

When testing cannabis products, labs look for different types of compounds. Some of these tests are required by state law, while others are voluntary. However, all testing should be done by a third-party, independent lab.

Here are the most common types:

  • THC potency. Labs provide THC potency tests to ensure that products contain the amount of THC that is advertised on the label. In California, cannabis products should have no more than 10% THC per serving.
  • CBD potency. Like THC, CBD should be tested for potency. This is especially important for products that are advertised as CBD-only or CBD-rich.
  • Terpene profile. Terpenes are compounds that give cannabis its flavor and smell. Some terpenes also have medicinal properties. Testing labs can provide a terpene profile, which can be helpful for customers who are looking for specific flavors or effects.
  • Pesticide residues. Pesticides are commonly used in cannabis cultivation, but some of them can be harmful to consumers. Testing labs can check for pesticides and other contaminants, such as mold and bacteria. Read here to know more.
  • Residual solvents. Some solvents, like butane and propane, are used in the cannabis extraction process. If not properly removed, they can be harmful to consumers. Testing labs can check for the presence of residual solvents and other contaminants.

Is It Expensive to Have Cannabis Products Tested?

The cost of cannabis lab testing depends on the test type and the number of samples that need to be tested. In addition, lab testing is a significant part of the quality control process for selling cannabis products, so dispensaries need to factor in the cost of testing when setting prices for their products. Overall, the cost is worth it to ensure the safety of customers and the quality of products.

What Other Ways Can Dispensaries Ensure the Quality of Their Products?

In addition to lab testing, dispensaries can take other steps to ensure the quality of their products, such as:

  • Buy cannabis plants from reputable growers. Not all growers are created equal. Some use harmful pesticides and other chemicals, while others care not to use any toxic products. When buying cannabis plants, ask the grower about their cultivation practices.
  • Conduct in-house testing of products. This means that dispensaries should have their testing equipment and personnel. This is in addition to sending products out to third-party labs for testing.
  • Regularly inspect the grow facilities. Dispensaries should have a regular schedule for checking their grow facilities. This helps to ensure that the plants are healthy and free of pests and diseases.
  • Educate employees on quality control procedures. All employees should be familiar with the dispensary’s quality control procedures. This includes knowing how to properly handle and store products, as well as how to conduct in-house testing.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on opening a dispensary, you should be aware of how you can ensure the quality of your products. Cannabis lab testing is one way to do this, but it’s not the only way. Dispensaries should also conduct in-house testing, inspect their grow facilities, and educate employees on quality control procedures. Choose a reputable cannabis testing lab that uses state-of-the-art equipment and employs experienced personnel. Doing so will help you to sell high-quality products that your customers can trust.