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Party Ideas for Wine Lovers and Their Wine-Loving Friends

A lot of people who hit a certain age often outgrow big house parties or bar hopping. Most of them prefer to get together in small groups and, more often than not, would choose to hang out at home or the home of their closest friends or family. Small parties are far from boring, especially with great food and excellent wine. Gather wonderful wine-loving people for the small party ideas coming up next.

Get Geared Up

Just before you start declaring your home as the designated party venue:

  1. Make certain your home is always prepared. You may look for wine sellers and their wine cases page to get all you need.
  2. Stock on supplies like glasses, cheese boards, and cutlery. Since you will be setting the table frequently, plan on getting unscented candles, low centerpieces which you can reuse and decorate, etc.
  3. Don’t forget to get chillers and wine buckets to keep your drink of choice always chilly.

Party Ideas with Wine

Everywhere there is wine feels like a celebration. So no matter if four or ten people share bottles of wine, these tiny parties will always feel fun. These party ideas will always be a hit, whether with red or white, Spanish or French.

Intimate and Fancy Dinners

Have some earthy, fruity, spiced Burgundy wine and pair it with a charcuterie board. Bring out mild cheeses as a start for a more decadent dinner. Since we are talking about intimate and fancy, choice meats, like a rack of lamb that has been oven roasted or slow-cooked, are outstanding choices. As a host, get things all set before the first guest comes, and remember to sit down and join the discussion around a candle-lit table.

Favorite Food-Themed Potluck

Ask everyone to bring their favorite homemade dishes. Your buddies may even be competitive if they bring the same dish. Get everybody to choose which dishes should be the focus dish, and make everybody bring the same type of wine. You can have a range of similar wines perfect for an impromptu wine tasting.

Pizza Take-out or Last Minute Plans

Random parties are the best. Work promotions and other impromptu events can be celebrated with champagnes or Chardonnay. In fact, finding a shop with champagne special offers is already a reason to celebrate. Serve pizza, salad, or Chinese take-out on real plates for a more sophisticated table setting.

Dessert on the Spotlight

Feast on a light meal and concentrate on the dessert. You and your buddies can have a theme, whether you want rich, intense chocolate desserts or something light like fluffy cheesecakes or frosted cream cakes. For chocolate desserts, a variety of French wines pair well. For light and tart desserts, sweet white wine or Chardonnay will do the trick.

Making Things More Interesting

Buying wine in bulk is still a great idea, even if you are planning a small party. Search for wine stores that can offer you great in-store and online offers, either on mixed cases or by the bottle. If you want to have some party games, you can also give out a few of the bottles as prizes and gifts for wine lovers.

Remember Wine Pairing Rules

Tried and true methods usually bring out great food and wine pairings. It is normally red wines that are coupled with boldly flavored meats, like steak and lamb. White wines are coupled with low-intensity meats like fish or poultry. The more you and your good friends learn about wines, you can start making your own rules. The only rule to remember is to enjoy good food, excellent wine, and great company.